What is the Lash Biz Tune-Up Challenge?

This is an intensive 2 week kickstart for Lash Artists to get their business optimized for best results.

  • Get quick results with the tune-up framework

  • Freshen up some business fundamentals

  • An opportunity to dig deep and learn what's proven to work

  • You've already got the skill, now let's fine tune the business side of lashes

Sneak Peek into Lash Biz Tune-Up

Who Is Lash Biz Tune-Up For?

The program is for lash artists WORLDWIDE! Lash Biz tune-Up has had students from Canada, the United States, England, Australia, Nigeria, all over the Caribbean, and Brazil just to name a few places.

This tune-up is for lash artists that are looking to solidify business foundations, gain more clients and boost confidence to move forward. 

I created Lash Biz tune-Up because so often business fundamentals can be missed during skills training because there just isn't the time.

Past Students of Lash Biz Tune-Up

It's jam-packed


I was nervous for lash biz tune-up because I didn't really know what to expect. After this course, I feel refreshed and it really is worth taking. It's jam-packed but it's to the point and after each lesson, there are steps to take in your business that make a difference pretty much right away. You can either see the results or see a clear path to help you achieve the changes you want to see in your business. It really felt like Claire was there in person rooting me on and coaching me through it. I feel more confident and motivated.

It helped me ease back into the game


I have taken each and every one of Claire's courses so far and they do not disappoint! I have followed Claire on Instagram early on in my business journey and what stood out to me is the fact that she really makes herself stand out in the industry. I can really see her being her genuine self. :) She's a huge inspiration to me and has supported me in so many ways! Lash Biz Tune-Up definitely helped me slowly ease back into the game after taking a bit of a break on my business due to lockdown, and now I have the motivation and tools to make a comeback!

It helped me better understand where I want to go


Thank you Claire for creating this course. Lash Biz Tune-Up has helped me to better understand where I want to go in this industry. The short tutorials are fantastic, I was able to fit them into my schedule. The worksheets help me put into practice the lesson that you learned that day. Claire is an infectious educator, giving you the best options for you to choose so that you can customize your business to your liking. She cares and you can feel it through the lessons that you give.

I'm so glad you're here

Beauty Business Educator

Claire Hooper

Lash Artist, Speaker, Educator, Mom, and can't forget plant lover. I truly believe everyone can have an abundance of success, and my mission is to help everyone find their path there. I've found my home in the industry, making my clients feel beautiful and helping beauty entrepreneurs build systems in their businesses. I've helped 1000s of beauty pros through online courses and resources about several topics including building systems, digital products, gaining clients and email marketing. Seeing a beauty entrepreneur take it to the next level makes my heart so full.

What students asked before

joining Lash Biz Tune-Up

  • Do I get support?

    I'm your biggest cheerleader! If you have questions or concerns I'm an email away.

  • How long do I have access to the material?

    You'll have access to the material for the duration of the program. 14 days. This is for those ready to make bold moves and get to work.

  • Is this only for Lash Artists?

    Yes! Everything in the content caters to Lash Artists, to get you the results you need, and totally deserve.

  • What is the daily time commitment

    You can work at your own daily pace, however, the tasks can be completed in 1-1.5 hours a day

  • I'm a new lash artist will the program work for me?

    Yes! All skill levels and years of experience are welcome. If you're wanting to clean up the backend, and gain more clients this is for you.

More student reviews

  • Jessica, Lash Artist

    "Thank you, Claire, for putting this together. I feel I have a bit more of a sense of what aspects I need to focus on to get my business right. The network and community feel was also a nice aspect to connect and hear different perspectives and a way to inspire and help one another in the lash community. I would definitely recommend this course!"

  • Devious Lashes, Lash Artist

    "Who knew I needed to make so many changes in order to get where I want to be. I look forward to your other courses, and I most definitely recommend your programs to any lash artist out there trying to level up."

  • Coya, Lash Artist

    "Taking Lash Biz Tune-Up is one of the best decisions I've made. Claire really went in on a lot of the different aspects of the business. This course really opened up my eyes and mind to certain things and I'm so excited to try them and put my own spin on them. This course has definitely changed my life. Thank you so much, Claire!"

What it's all about

  • Content

    This program focuses on what you need to inject quick results into your lash business. Some of the topics include branding, money, and finding your ideal client and so much more!

  • Support

    I'm here to answer questions and be your biggest cheerleader. Sometimes we just need the push to make it happen. I also encourage you to reach out to your fellow lash community and build connections.

  • Bold Moves

    This is an intense 14 days, it's for people who are ready to take action and craft their business for success! What I know is you're a beauty business owner who sees the potential, you just need the tools to get there.

Now's The Time

Get your business organized and ready to move forward with direction and more clients. Can't wait to see you in Lash Biz Tune-Up

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