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Set your 2022 up for success

  • How to plan your year ahead of time while prioritizing yourself

  • Systems to bring in more revenue, so you can spend more time doing what you love

  • How to show up with abundance mindset to view your business with a bigger lens

Make this your most successful year yet

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I've helped 100s of beauty pros grow their business, create online courses and systems so they can take it to the next level. The past few years have been a wild ride and now it's time to get back on track and optimize this next season of business. Join me for this exclusive free masterclass.

Hi, I'm Claire

Masterclass Host

Beauty Business Educator

Claire Hooper

Lash Artist, Speaker, Educator, Mom, and can't forget plant lover. I truly believe everyone can have an abundance of success, and my mission is to help everyone find their path there. I've found my home in the industry, making my clients feel beautiful and helping beauty entrepreneurs build systems in their businesses. I've helped 1000s of beauty pros through online courses and resources about several topics including building systems, digital products, gaining clients and email marketing. Seeing a beauty entrepreneur take it to the next level makes my heart so full.